Educational Benefits

Schools today around the world have made it a top priority to nourish their students in order to develop the skills they need to thrive in the future. These include:

1) problem-solving
2) creativity
3) creative thinking
4) cooperativeness
5) patience
6) intercultural understanding.

NINJA HOPE is a game in which you can develop these skills. The rules are very simple, but are expressed through keen strategy that includes elements of luck.

The game first progresses as if it were happening in everyday life. Then the player (student) will face a sudden crisis situation in the game, and this results in that player having to create strategies that lead to success.

Ninja War is a game that teaches not only high-level thinking skills, but also coordination and empathy.

Watching kids learning to play Ninja HOPE is a great life observation. You can see that their thinking ability is deepening.

First, it looks simple, but it is not. Next, the kids get aggressively active and try to wipe out the other troops because much of life is about beating other people. After they get beaten by someone who is actually playing to the objective, which is to capture the base, they become more timid, more anxious when they learn they are not invincible.

Last, the best learning is driven by what is variable and out of your control. You cannot strategize around this, you must be fluid and flexible with your thinking and approach. The learning is organic and you don’t really need to explain it to kids. I love watching my own child develop his thinking and reflections when he plays NINJA HOPE.


Simon Vaughan, Principal

NINJA HOPE is great educational material for students to develop thinking and judging abilities, and also is good for mathematical and intellectual training.

U Koshall Bidya Elementary, Bangladesh – Uaye Tun, Principal