What is Ninja Hope?

The Ninja Hope

NINJA HOPE is a game that you play with two people in which you need to think about strategy and tactics, as in shogi or chess.

The rules are very simple, but when you actually play NINJA HOPE you will recognize that this game is brain training.

Ryokyu Endo

About The Inventor

Ryokyu Endo, known as the most versatile genius monk in the world, created NINJA HOPE. He is the Buddhist teacher of Mr. Lee Watanabe Crockett, a world-wide leader in education.

Click here to read an interview with Ryokyu Endo. This enlightening interview explains why he created NINJA HOPE and the thinking behind it.

Where does the depth of NINJA HOPE come from?

Western medicine practitioner and Tao Shiatsu teacher/practitioner.
In her role as a world peace activist, Alice met the Pope at the Vatican and organized a documentary film of a symbolic peace event in which the Pope was asked to blow out the original flame of the atomic bomb from Hiroshima that has been kept burning since the day it was dropped. When the film was released, she received world acclaim for organizing this activity. 


Dr. Alice Schmitzhofer