the ultimate brain training

The secret of Ninja Hope

Ninja Hope is the ultimate brain training
– Dr.Alice Schmitzhofer

Dr.Alice Schmitzhofer

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Alice is a medical doctor lives in Vienna suburbs. As an activist, she is well known met Pope in the Vatican and delivered the symbolic performance that Pope blow out the peace flame of Hiroshima which had been taken from the original atomic bomb fire

It seems that this game contains a wish to make the world peaceful .

While you are playing, the fight turns to the peace unconsciously.

Why ?

There is the basic idea of Buddhism “ The opposite is one”

The smaller the number, the higher the value naturally in NINJA HOPE.
Is it explaining economic principle “ the thing smaller number is more valuable” ?

It is a message “ we should cherish the minolity “ .

There is no strongest kind of NINJA in NINJA HOPE.

It explains Yin – Yang and the five elements of oriental philosophy which means the nature cerculates.

Why are there some obstacles such as the lake and the forest you can’t go through depends on the kind of NINJA ?

The rule explains the meaning of existence of being changes depending on the situation.

Why the player choose the kind of dice ?

The choice of that express your vision of life unconsciously.

What does NINJA HOPE is a simulation of success of life mean ?

You can train your strategic and decision making skill.

It seems that you can make peaceful connections beyond borders.

It because you can learn language and culture etc each other through playing the game.