Types and number of Ninja

There are three types of Ninja: Samurai, Cavalier, and Catapult.




Each player begins the game with 6 Samurai, 4 Cavalier, and 2 Catapult




How to win the game

You win when you enter the other player’s castle!

You also win when you defeat all of the other player’s Ninja pieces.

How to use the dice

Which dice do you want to roll? Every time your turn comes, choose one of these!

The white dice move you around.

The green and red dice are to attack!

How to move your Ninja

Roll the white dice!

You can move your pieces vertically or horizontally, but only up to three squares per piece.

How do you attack?

Roll the green and red dice!

The GREEN die is to get closer to the other player’s Ninja. You can move up to the total number on the green dice. But remember, only up to three squares per piece.

The RED die tells how far your attack can reach. You can’t use the red dice to move.

Which Ninja can you attack?

It’s just like Rock-Paper-Scissors! So what does that mean? 

Who can the Samurai attack?

The Samurai can attack the Catapult!

Who can the Cavalier attack?

The Cavalier can attack the Samurai!

Who can the Catapult attack?

The Catapult can attack the Cavalier!

You can also attack the same type of Ninja!


Who are the obstacles for?

Who can the cross the mountain?

Who can the cross the lake?

Who can climb over a stone wall?

Can I attack over an obstacle?